Choose Performance Tech for your ECU Remapping, ECU Tuning Files Service and Dyno Tuning

Performance Tech is based on the NSW Central Coast and has approved ECU remapping and tuning workshops around Australia.

ECU Tuning Files Service for the Automotive Trade

Based in NSW, Performance Tech provides a fast turnaround of ECU remapping and tuning files developed in Australia on Australian vehicles. Master and slave tune files are available, and you will usually receive your files back within 60 minutes. Operating 8 hours a day Monday-Friday, we are easy to contact for remapping support during your business hours and after hours by appointment. We can also provide ECU remapping training for auto mechanics. Find out more about our tuning files service.

ECU Remapping

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a Super Map Pack or a beginner looking for ECU remapping support and training, Performance Tech has the solution for you. Our tuners are automotive mechanics who have been internationally trained by software developers, so our in-depth knowledge covers both the vehicle’s computer and the on-road (or off-road!) engine performance. We are WinOLS Certified, WinOLS being the premier software application used by professional tuners to modify the data memory of engine control units. Find out more about ECU remapping.

Dyno Tuning

At our NSW HQ, we have a world class Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer with a large range of data logging equipment to ensure all files and map packs are tested accurately and efficiently.

Fully Qualified Automotive Mechanics with ECU Remapping Training

They also attend industry seminars and professional development courses each year to stay up to date with the latest technology and ECU structures.

Don’t just trust anyone with your vehicle. For expert ECU remapping files, support or tuning, contact Performance Tech today.

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