LAMS Derestriction, Workshop Dyno Tuning and Mail Order Tuning


LAMS Derestriction, Workshop Dyno Tuning and Mail Order Tuning

If you want to get the best out of your motorbike, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Performance Tech, we are all motorbike enthusiasts and spend every spare chance we get on two wheels. Performance Tech can tune the factory computer in most makes and models of motorbikes to improve performance and rideability.

Get more power, better fuel efficiency, responsiveness and throttle smoothness with motorbike tuning. We have a full suite of motorbike tuning tools available, including Woolich tuning software, Honda ECU, FTECU, Harley Davidson specific software, Tune ECU, Winols, ECM Titanium, Swiftec, IO Motorcycle, ECU Shop piggy back and standalone, Power Commander and Dimsport Race piggy back modules.

Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMS) Derestriction

Have a LAMS bike but no longer a learner? Don’t buy a new motorbike, just bring it in to Performance Tech on the NSW Central Coast and have it derestricted. In some cases, we can more then double the power of a LAMS restricted bike with just an ECU Remap. With prices starting from as little as $200, why wouldn’t you have it done?

Dyno Motorbike Tuning

Our state-of-the-art Mainline Chassis Dynamometer simulates road conditions so your motorbike’s ECU remapping can be tested and tweaked under real loads. Bring your motorbike to our roller dyno on the NSW Central Coast to have it run on our chassis dynamometer, whether it’s for a custom dyno tune or just a general checkup.

Mail Order Motorbike Tuning

We spend hours upon hours on the dyno, road and track, testing and developing our engine tunes to ensure they are the best they possibly can be. The data that has been gathered over many years, along with our experience and expertise allows us to offer this very unique mail order tuning service.

With the mail order tune, we will make adjustments based on your requirements and modifications to achieve the desired result.

100% money back guarantee!

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