It is no secret that the TPI model ktm and husky bikes leave alot to be desired, and upon purchasing and testing a brand new 19 ktm 300 TPI we have experienced this first hand and by using our state of the art mainline dyno, we were able to find the problem areas and fix them with some significant gains.
We have found that with nothing but an ECU remap with perfectly calibrated fuel and ignition tables, we were able to significantly improve the performance, rideability and fuel economy of these bikes!
After hours upon hours of dyno, track and trail testing we are glad to finally release our custom ecu remap for the 18, 19 and 20 model ktm and husky 300 tpi bikes, 250 18-19 and 2020 tunes coming soon.

  • As you can see from the graphs below, 0-50% throttle is improved significantly over standard.
  • Part throttle splutter almost completely gone.
  • Adjust thermo fan to turn on earlier.
  • 100% better rideability.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Graphs below are of a 2019 ktm 300 TPI with completely stock engine.

We have tunes to suit the complete factory engine and a few of the most popular aftermarket head options.

  • Custom ecu remap is $350AUD.
  • This includes a New spark plug and idle adjustment screw (idle adjustment screw not needed on all bikes)

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