ECU Remapping

Unlock Improved Vehicle Performance, Fuel Economy, Power & Torque!

Fully Qualified Automotive Mechanics With International Tuning Training

ECU Remapping

Unlock Improved Vehicle Performance, Fuel Economy, Power & Torque!

Fully Qualified Automotive Mechanics With International Tuning Training

Extensive Remapping Experience & Proven Track Record

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If you want to get the most power and torque out of your vehicle for towing, professional racing or off-road fun, contact Performance Tech. We can custom tune your motor vehicle (petrol and diesel tuning) to enhance its performance just by re-calibrating the factory software on the engine management system. This is called ECU remapping but is sometimes referred to as chip tuning, dyno tuning, or an ECU reflash.*

What makes Performance Tech different to other ECU remapping companies in Australia?

Not all car ECU remapping services are the same, and you should be careful who you entrust with your vehicle. Performance Tech tuners are automotive mechanics who have been internationally trained by software developers, so our knowledge goes to the heart of the truck/4WD/car’s computer, as well as understanding what makes an engine sing. Importantly, our research and development is conducted on a state-of-the-art roller dyno to simulate road conditions using Australian-spec vehicles, which are often different to their European or Japanese counterparts. Just let us know what you want from your performance tuning, and we’ll remap your ECU at our R&D workshop on the NSW Central Coast or refer you to one of our approved tuning workshops around Australia. We are WinOLS Certified, WinOLS being the premier software application used by professional tuners to modify the data memory of engine control units. Rest assured that we are trusted to provide petrol and diesel tuning files to the automotive trade, some under confidential agreements and others who proudly advertise their association with us.

Is ECU remapping safe for my car?

When carried out by experts, ECU remapping is completely safe and produces reliable results even on brand new cars. Remember, vehicles don’t leave the manufacturer at their maximum performance levels because they set the engines for the ‘average’ user. The same engine will often be in use for other applications that are much more demanding than the average car. Your engine already has the potential – ECU remapping just helps it get there!

*Difference between chip tuning, flash tuning and ECU remapping

These terms are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing in the modern automotive world. Chip tuning used to refer to a performance ‘chip’ that was added to the circuit board and tricked the Engine Control Unit (ECU) into changing its fuel pressure or turbo boost. Today’s engines don’t use removable chips; instead they have on-board computers. So while some people still ask for chip tuning files, today’s performance tuning will be done via ECU remapping or flash tuning, which rewrites the software in the computer. The result is the same – more power and torque, better towing and fuel efficiency!

What Can ECU Remapping Do For My Vehicle?

  • More power for towing!

  • More power for off-road use!

  • More power for the track!

  • Better fuel economy & driveability!

Whether you’re after petrol or diesel tuning, contact Performance Tech today and get ready for the drive of your life!

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